BlankShowCast Episode 43 - He’s Much More Nutritious Than I Am


The Holy Trinity finally returns for some wonderful discussions, just for you! Boots has an adventure in Limbo, Tim struggles in dealing with burning quads, and Holly Samples the fine cuisine of Wendy's poutine.

Later, the group talks about the recently announced Elder Scrolls MMO, Boots rolls the "Demo Dice" and reviews the Warp trial, Holly lives out her Rancor fantasies in Kinect: Star Wars, and Tim finds another interesting Kickstarter project.

During the listener questions, someone admits to owning Creed CDs, another admits an affinity for baths, and they all talk of Sonic's uncontrollable case of diarrhea.

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...and the show account @BlankShowCast.

Music* used in this episode:

Dream Theater - Overture 1928

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault OST - Main Theme

StarTropics OST - Organ Song

Castlevania OST - Stage Clear

OC Remix: Dirt Devil - Zircon

OC Remix: May Fortune Smile Upon You - Vigilante

The Legend of Zelda OST - Ending Theme

Creed - Say I

*Music used within Fair Use

Also, if you're so inclined, check out Boots' appearance on the Jetpack Ninjas podcast over at (Download directly from here)

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