BlankShowCast Episode 34 - A Big Version of Highschool


If the third time's a charm, then holy crap, they weren't lying. Good friend of the show Stephanie Gutowski (@SigmaRue) returns to complete the hat trick and discusses newspaper theft, the betrayal of a SWTOR friend, and her anger towards Kaidan Alenko.

Also, Boots (@Boots_33) takes a minute to vent about online job searching, Tim (@TimmyJimmyTime) grows disconnected with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and the two of them share a Mass Effect sleepover, of sorts.

Things get heated later on as the trio talk about the online abuse of BioWare writer Jennifer Hepler and ideas of how to control the situation.

Sadly, Holly (@fawksy) couldn't join the group as she fell ill this week and couldn't record, but the boys wish her a speedy recovery and await her grand return. :)

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Music* used in this episode:

Dream Theater - Overture 1928

Poison - I Won't Forget You

The La's - There She Goes

The Legend of Zelda OST - Ending Theme

Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone

*All music used within Fair Use

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